Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I'm listening to the very excellent Allison Krauss at the moment. Ugh. I LOVE her voice and her music. She's so feminine and her voice is so sweet. Tomorrow I've got a business trip. My first one ever. (Did I ever mention I only taught part-time because of my other job?) I've spent the whole year chasing after children in my Converse or little flats. This weekend those will not be appropriate. I'm busting out my big girl shoes-my high heels. Can I pull this off? Ummm...(Taps fingers, looks up in the air.) Yeah, it'll be good.

I'm going to Arizona. Won't be back till Monday. I'm nervous and very excited. This is a big deal, but I'm ready for it. Been planning this trip with my boss for weeks now. Tomorrow it's wheels up at 14:40. I've never been to Arizona before. I hear it's real hot. Good. Because it seems that summer has come to every state in the union except ours. It was 50 degrees today. I was wearing my wool jacket and in downtown Seattle everyone was all bundled up too.

Tonight after a very disappointing dinner my roommate and I went for ice cream at the drive through. I asked her if I could talk to them in Chinese and she told me that if I did this again to her she would kick me out of the car and make me walk home. Humph. =(


Jules~ said...

It is so exciting to step out into new territory. Have a wonderful trip.

Dan Mega said...

Well a big harumph out to your downer roomie. I'd play along.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh my, kick you out for talking in Chinese, huh? Well then, you better get on down to Arizona... uh, that didn't make any sense.

Hey, I was in Arizona once many, many moons ago. My first husband had a business trip there (my husband who passed away - he didn't pass away on the trip - that happened years later - well you know about that) and I tagged along. (This was before the days of having children.)

We rode quads in the desert dunes, played tennis and didn't even sweat (the humidity is great down there), and swam in a pool surrounded by huge catuses and waterfalls. What a fun memory except for on the plane ride home I had a sinus infection... ouch that hurt with pressure changes!

Hope you have a nice trip. What is the "other" business you do? I'm curious!

Colleen said...

Jules- Thanks! It'll be and adventure.

Dan- Yes, I know =)(Hi Anna, I know you're reading this!) No doubt *you* would play along with me;)

Susan- Let me explain. My Chinese consists of counting to 10, hello, goodbye, some children's songs, phrases and that's about it. My parents are the ones who are actually fluent.
Sounds like you had fun with your first hubby way back. (Don't worry, I remember your story.) I'm a personal assistant to a private family around here, it's been keeping me busy, but I like them very much.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope you have a safe trip! I'm travelling this weekend too. Just for the weekend though. I will be back Sunday evening.

If I could box up some of my Summer & mail it to you, I would, gladly!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

You know Col, God has blessed me with fun times from way back. My husband now is very adventurous... he scares me with what he'll try... bungie jumping, sky-diving... I have one up on him though, I parasailed, he hasn't :) I'm not competative, am I?

And that's cool with the Chinese. Wow!