Friday, June 6, 2008



-It's hot.
-It's sunny.
-I'm driving a Jeep with an incredible sound system.
-I get to stay with my friend.


-It's hot.
-My lap top died on me today. Simply short circuited. It's broke for all I know. Greaaat.
-I went to Best Buy to see if they could fix it. They couldn't. Then I left the charger and cord there. Gotta go back tomorrow and see if they still have it and hopefully believe me that it's mine. =(
-My feet are for some reason so swollen, they look like a rhinoceros' fat feet. Or a pregnant ladies. You choose. It's gross.

Chalk. It. Up.


Amber Monette said...

Where are you? Cause I know you ain't in seattle. No sun here today, or yesterday....or the day b'fore. But hopefully tomorrow the weather will get bored with its raining self.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was in CT this weekend. I go up every year for my god daughter's birthday. Normally I freeze. I was looking forward to it this year because it's been in the mid to upper 90s here for 3 weeks now. It was just as hot there as here. I feel your pain on the hot.

Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Body parts swell up when you are dehydrated. It's you body's attempt to retain water. Please, drink more fluid to keep yourself well.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Let's chalk it all up to the heat. It is HOT here also and my little guy said yesterday, "It feels like it's sixty-ten." My teenager promptly said, "Yeah, you got that right. Sixty times ten!"

Put those feet up if you can (I know you're probably traveling right now) and like adventurer w/o borders said, "Drink plenty of water!"

Have a nice day, heat and all!

Jules~ said...

ugh! The swollen feet thing. I know what you mean. Every time we head back east int oTexas or the Dakotas my feet swell and my ankles look like I am wearing balloons.
I agree, keep drinknig that water. Your body is trying to adjsut. Put your feet up whenever you can and it will help greatly.

Andrea's Adventures said...

Hey hey, I know someone in Arizona who would absolutely LOVE to see you and your swollen ginormous feet. Give her a call on your way out, when you're done playing in high-heels...