Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Verbal Spanking

I kinda got in trouble tonight. It was pretty funny though, well at least I thought it was funny. You see, ever since I was a little girl, whenever I'd go through any kind of drive-through with my Dad, he would always goof around at the intercom and say dumb things to confuse the poor soul on the other end.

Well, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. I get a kick out of joking with people at drive-throughs. Unfortunately, the people in the car with me don't find my spontaneous humor funny all the time, but rather embarrassing. Okay. I'll give them that. But it's still the drive through! And they can't even see your face for cryin' out loud!
So tonight I was with my roommate and we pulled up to the Dairy Queen drive through and this is what happened...

Intercom Person: "Hello! Welcome to Dairy Queen, may I take you order?"
Me: (Shouting very loudly over roommates voice in Chinese) KNEE-HOW-MA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna: (Turns to loud funny roommate and shouts) "Shut Up!"
Anna: (Turns back to intercom and proceeds to have conversation with the wall) "Yes, I'd like to order an ice cream please......"
Me: (Busting up laughing in passenger seat) "You gotta love me!"
Anna: (turns back to me) " No I don't! I can't believe you! You're 30!"
Me: (Still smiling) "Oh that was a low! C'mon!" (presses index fingers into cheeks for make believe dimples)"At least I'm not boring!"
Anna: "Yeah but I'm not in the mood!"
Me: Okay, fine. Sorry. (Silently smiles to self while staring out the window and thinks, "At least I think I'm funny.")

Oh well. My Dad would say things like and way more and now he's 60! Does being 30 mean I have to stop enjoying myself? I like my sense of humor! I'm not hurting anyone else, if anything, I only hope to make others laugh at me because they are not funny themselves! (Anna...not that you're not funny! Everyone...she's really funny, she just wasn't in the mood for my humor and I can take that.)

Maybe I should work on my timing...


david mcmahon said...

Your Dad is definitely related to me, Colleen!

Nothing wrong with your timing. Nothing wrong with Anna, either.

We all need to be spontaneous. We all need to be able to have some fun.

What you did wasn't at anyone's expense, so it wouldn't have worried me.



Adventurer w/o Borders said...

You are never too old to goof off. I love what you did! I am officially smittened by you.

See what my friends and I do:


~**Dawn**~ said...

Your dad reminds me of my friend Heather's dad. He would find that kind of humor hysterical. =) Case in point: he bought a blow-up pool for his grand daughter's third birthday party. And then at the check out line, asked the clerk if the air came with it. ::shakes head::

You have to laugh & enjoy life. Sometimes a sense of humor is the only thing that gets us through.

Colleen said...

David- I agree, nothing wrong with my timing (this thime!) And you're right, nothing wrong with Anna. She will appreciate that :)

Colleen said...

AW/OB- Oh my!

Colleen said...

Dawn- that's a funny story. He sounds cheesey! Am I cheesey? LOL!

Tanya said...

No don't stop being who you are! love eet girl!

but yeah.. maybe work on timing! hahaha!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

LOL!!!!!!!! How did I miss this post dear friend? I have to go back and check the date.

Anyhow, you'd fit right into our car. Our family loves a good, silly joke. My teenager would think that's soooo cool, and my hubby is always goofing off :) Me too!

And my little one (age 6) isn't far behind... except he's getting into trouble at school for gaining an "audience". The teachers say he is "distracting." (smile)