Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good Times

When I go home to NJ these are the things I most look forward to in December:

Seeing my family.
Playing with the dogs and taking the younger one running with me.
Having the dogs sleep on my bed.
Sharing my sister's clothes.
Dance Party USA in the back room with my sister.
Being in my parent's house.
Holding Fats the Rabbit.
Doing this when no one is looking.
Going shopping with my mom.
Seeing the whole family and my grandmother on December 24th.
Seeing the rest of the whole family on December 25th.
Hanging out in my brother's room.
Sitting at the dinner table with the five of us and watching my brother do a roast on my dad.

When I go home to NJ these are the things I do not look forward to:

Listening to my sister snore in my ear. My parents downsized and the two of us now have to share a bed in the guest room.
The taste of my parents coffee. Eeouuuu. I'm going to have to bring the good stuff with me.
Seeing that the dogs will have gotten fat.
Everybody inevitably fighting about hurrying up to get out the door on Christmas Eve.
Sitting at the dinner table with the five of us and after my father is roasted my brother and sister gang up on me. (actually, it's all really funny, making fun of stuff we did as kids.)


colleen said...

I love these lists Colleen. Hum...I might have to generate these for myself.

Colleen said...

Yes! Do it! I want to read them!

Dan Mega said...

I made a list today too. How weird is that? But my list was drawn up completely randomly when my brain fried out at work and I needed a breather.

david mcmahon said...

I want to hear more about Dance party USA ....

And yes, I recall your confession about being the family's chocolate brat!!!

Colleen said...

Dance Party USA is when my sister and I share all the fun music we have collected since we last saw each other and dance like crazy. This year the music will consist of a multiple performances of "Pretty Young Thing" by Michael Jackson. Jamirquoi's "Canned Heat" and I'm ashamed to admit it, but the Spice Girls for old times sake. And that's just the beginning...

Lee said...

Great post! You inspire me to do the same for myself. I'm going home for Christmas too. And like your family there will be good things and not so good ones. :)


Catmoves said...

Funny post, Colleen. Found it through David's blog of the week list.
Great humor and go ahead, nibble those chocolates. Life is like that.