Monday, August 27, 2007

A Dirty Poem

WARNING: If you find potty humor disgusting, do not read this.
If you don't like the word "fart" do not read this.
You have been forewarned....OH WAIT! This is VERY important! If you DO in fact read this, you MUST read it to yourself in an ENGLISH accent! Because that is how this poem came to me and any time I recite it, I cannot say it any other way and neither can you.

I took me to the potty.
And sat me in the loo.
But when I looked in the toilet,
someone already left a poo.
"Oh yuck!" Said I, as I made a frowny-face.
But when I tapped the handle,
I overflood the place.
And so I left the toilet,
overflood and all.
And as I left,
I jolly farted down the hall.

(I blame my sense of humor on my love for children. It's so much fun inside my head!)


david mcmahon said...

Ah, but kids love this ... they think it's terrific.

The thing is, Colleen, it's funny AND does not threaten them in any way ...

Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Whew! When I read the warning I was bracing myself for a poem that starts with the line "I knew a woman from Nantucket"

Colleen said...

David-I breathe a sigh of relief! Some friends of mine encouraged me to post that one, but because of it's content, I was a little embarassed. Of course, all the kids I've nannied and taught think it's hilaroius and I never feel emabarassed around them :)

Colleen said...

AW/OB- Ok. Now I'm laughing!

Dan Mega said...

Fart is a completely natural occurrence. Therefore, we are allowed to make fun of it.

Michelle said...

oh my!
I can't help it...when I read it, I heard it in YOUR english accent. Tony says any accent I attempt always comes out mexican. ay ay ay

Brian in Oxford said...

my boss's name is P. Hart.
I love typing in his login ID to stuff....

Tanya said...

haha i love it! :D you go girl!

I can't wait for your children's books! yay!

hey know anyone that would do your illustrations? :-p

david mcmahon said...

Hi Colleen,

The bottom line is - if it doesn't offend children (and it certainly won't, I can assure you) then it should not offend adults.

After all, we're all just overgrown children anyway!

I do enjoy visiting your blog - as you know!



Colleen said...

DAN- I blew my nose in front of my friend today. How come that's more acceptable than doing the other in front of people....not that I know anything about that!

MICHELLE- I love it "AY AY AY!" I can totally here it in YOUR accent!

B.I.O. That is awesome, I could have a lot of fun with that myself!

Tanya- I can't wait for my children's book also. I'm busting at the seams! As for illustriations, not sure yet.

David- I love your pharse "overgrown children" that is great! I would say that applies to many of us bloggers:)

Amber Monette said...


Colleen said...

Amber- a girl after my own heart!