Sunday, July 22, 2007

Right Name, Wrong Girl

The other day I ordered lunch to go and gave them my name and went to go pick it up. As I pulled up there was a woman who was standing outside and waving at me. I didn't know her but politely smiled and waved back. I figured that considering I was out in an area off the I90 interstate that is newly being developed, the people of this small town were more friendly. I mean with a name like Snoqualmie(snow-qual-me)come on!
Anyhow, I go inside the restaurant and I see my lunch sitting on the counter and the same woman say "Hi are you Colleen?" "Yes..." I replied. "Oh great, come with me." She says. I'm thinking, that's odd, but okay. As we walk down the restaurant I notice a man in a booth who is waving and smiling at me. Mind you I have no idea who he is. He then slides out of the booth to meet me. "Hi are you Colleen?" He says expectantly. "Yes, I am." I said. I was looking back and forth at them wondering if I was crazy or was I actually going to really win Publisher's Clearance House Sweepstakes. "Please, would you like a drink?" He continued? "Uh, no thanks." I said. At this point they realized that what I was thinking in my head was appearing on my face. So he then asked me, "You here for the interview, right?" "Um, no. I'm here to pick up my lunch!" I laughed. "No way!" He started freaking out. "What are the chances that you're name is Colleen and so is the girl who's supposed to be here for the interview, right now!" He practically shouted. Well, we both started laughing. I supposed I could be working for Mike's Cascade Bar and Grill right now if I wanted too. (They make a mean turkey sandwich I will say.) But I think I'll keep my day job.

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Amber Monette said...

So funny! I think it is great you went with it for so long!!