Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Forgetting your friends

Yesterday My friend Michael and I were planning on getting dinner together. We decided that I would go pick him up because his car was in the shop. On my way to get him I was having a lovely chat with another friend and told her what I planning on doing for dinner. I hung up with her as I exited off the freeway to the restaurant. Then it dawned on me. I managed to drive the whole way to the restaurant and forgot to pick up Michael! So I called him as I was turning around. "Hello?" Michael said. "Hi Mike it's me, listen I forgot to do something on my way to pick you up." "Oh, what did you forget?" He said. "Um, I forgot to get you." I said. Seriously...who does that? Who makes a date with a person, knowing they are supposed to pick them up and gets to the desired destination having forgotten them? Apparently, I do.


colleen said...

I have a feeling you'll be living that one down for A LONG TIME!

Dan Mega said...

My response would be "waaaah waaaaaaah" (the Debbie Downer sound).

It happens, he should get over it =)