Monday, July 28, 2008

Quirky Girl

I watched the movie Dan in Real Life this weekend. I am the most picky movie watcher ever. Mostly because I'm really sensitive about what I watch. But I really love me a quirky movie and if the sound track is odd and quirky that's even better.

Here is a short list of odd movies that I likey:

Dan in Real Life
The Station Agent
The Baxtor
Lars and the Real Girl
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The sound track is folky and like elevator music for nerds. I love nerds! I think I might search out the soundtrack this week...

On a different note... I also saw Mama Mia this weekend. I most certainly wasted my life in the movie theater as I watched that piece of c-r-a-p. However, I will say this...I do heart ABBA (Leave me alone about the Disco, okay?) and that music was the only good thing about it.
The End.


Carol said...

Wow, I couldn't stand Dan In Real Life. I saw it on a plane and took my earphones off. What about Waking Ned Divine? I also got a kick out of Lars... He was so offbeat and vulnerable that he really was sweet! Besides, he's cute, haha!!I was going to see Mama Mia this week. I'm really not interested in the plot, I think it's stupid, but I wanted to see the island and hear the corny music!

Dan Mega said...

Me In Real Life

Colleen said...

Mega smarty pants.