Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guys In Cars Part 2

Before I say anything, let me prefece this post by saying that this morning, when I left the house, I looked like a school marm with my hair pulled back in a wet bun, no make up and pearl earrings. Plane Jane.

That said I was driving down the interstate on my way to work when a car pulled up next to me and a man lowered his window and was trying to get my attention. I looked over and thought he was trying to tell me something was wrong with my car.

Not quite.

He was simply trying to get me to notice him. Then he started making gogglie eyes at me and raising his eyebrows and gave me the biggest grin ever. This was no kid either. I've gotten that cocky Joey look "Hey how you do’in?" before. This wasn't it. The guy had to be in his mid-thirties. It was a genuine smile but in the silliest "Hey I have to get your attention!" sort of way. I started to laugh at him, I couldn't help it. Then he sped up and got in front of me and stuck his arm out the window and began waving his cell phone frantically in the air as he smiled back at me in his side mirror. I had to put my hand over my mouth because I was laughing so hard at him, but he didn't care. Then he put his cell phone down and stuck his hand out the window and starts to motion with his hand the numbers five-four-two-three and so on. He was trying to give me his phone number and then picked up his phone and shook it out the window again. He wanted me to call him! I was so embarrassed and yet laughing at the same time. Plus, since we were driving in steady morning traffic, there was no way to get away from him.

He was being utterly ridiculous and yet so funny. I called my roommate once I got far enough away from him and told her what happened. I told her how I couldn’t figure it out and how I didn’t look like anything special at all. “Maybe he has some librarian fantasy!” She said which made me laugh even harder.



Dan Mega said...

But would you have called him?

Colleen said...

After all this time, don't you know me at all? ;)

Andrea's Adventures said...

that's hilarious! maybe you looked like his long-lost relative and he was DESPERATE to re-connect... you'll never know. Next time you'll have to keep a pen in the car to frantically scribble the numbers on your hand! He'd be elated.

Holly said...

Was he cute? You should have called him! Any guy who thought I was beautiful w/out makeup would be a keeper!

...unless he was giving off the creepy vibe, in which case I'm glad you got away!

Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Hey! It worked for me... Just kidding. LOL!

There was something that did work for me. One time, there was a flower vender walking along the median. I bought a bouquet of flowers and told the vender to give it to the cute girl a couple of cars behind me. When she received the flowers, she stuck her head out the window and blew me a kiss. :-)

p.s., You are obviously underestimating your beauty.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Have to give him credit for originality & guts!

Heh... how do you know it wasn't Mega?? =O Totally sounds like something he would do.

Brandon Scullion said...

Perhaps it is blatently obvious that you are: special, beautiful, unique, mesmerizing and with that laugh, a total riot.


Colleen said...

Brandon- oh shucks :)