Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clueless Girl

I left the house this morning with my shirt on inside out. I didn't notice until I was in the car and happened to look down.

A few weeks ago I went to my bible study with two different flip flops on. That would be a first too. Again, I didn't notice it until much later.

I went for a run with my quasi-running buddy. Afterwards he told me that I had a booger in my nose. (I wonder how long that was there.) Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

When I pray that God would help me to walk in humility, He sure has a sense of humor about it.

P.S. It's been hours since I posted all the above and I just noticed now in the late afternoon that I put on my underware on inside out today too. Prefect.


Jules~ said...

I love that you embrace these times and are able to laugh about it. You must be a trmendous encourager to those around you.

Dan Mega said...


Carol said...

Haaaaaaaaaahaha, You have always been like this!!! You were always such a funny kid! I crack up thinking how when you want to, you can be just sooooo lovely and mannerly, when at heart you are a big silly goof! You make me and your grandmother smile!

Colleen said...

NEVER let it be said that I don't do anything half way!!

Mom- remember that time i fell in the gutter as I was getting out of the car and as I scrambled to get up I fell again and got the other side of my body covered with water, rain, dirt and leaves? I was still tangled up in the seatbelt in the gutter, crying and you were laughing at me so hard I thought you would wet your pants.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I can't tell you how many times I've looked around me (or in the mirror) and thought God really has a sense of humor.