Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There is something so lovely about holding a baby and rocking it to sleep. They curl up under your shoulder and you feel their body relax and their breathing get heavy. Their temperature goes up and as they wrap their arms around your neck, you feel the warmth of their chubby body. You sit in a corner of a darkened room and rock back and forth in the chair. The rest of the world is spinning and screaming for more...

But in that quiet room,
In that little corner,
With that little baby,
You have need of nothing
And it just feels good to breathe.


Jules~ said...

I completely agree. It is like the rest of this crazy world spins without me when I am with a baby. Their softness and innocence, their trust and comfort.....I always imagine their future destinies that God has for them, just waiting for them to wake up and embrace His perfect relationship.
Thank you for sharing your day.

~**Dawn**~ said...

And this... this feeling you described is why I loved daycare. No matter how trying a day could be, when I sat in a rocking chair with a little baby in my arms & soaked in what is the closest thing to perfection, nothing else existed but their sweet warmth. It all makes sense when you rock a baby.

Andrea's Adventures said...

how do you capture such simple, serene moments so well? You just transported me to a place where I could just-- appreciate life and breathe... and now back to work.