Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun Stuff and other Random Thoughts

Okay. Now I know I'm probably the last person here to hear about this and hop on the hay ride but tonight I finally got around to checking out and well, I'm a big fan of Soft Rock. (And don't gimme that look, you know you like it too.) Anyway, they picked out the Doobie Brother's- What A Fool Believes and then Bruce Springsteen- Hungry Heart (who is awesome because he's a Jersey Boy and he always reminds me of home, being a teenager and the Jersey Shore!) I think I found my new little favorite love.

Yes. I heart

Plus.....I had the best weekend. I think I ate my weight in food, okay, that's probably not that much but you know what I mean... but I ran and hiked like a crazy girl and it didn't even rain once!

Next personal goal for the on being a better communicator. Let's just say I'm good at putting my foot in my mouth at times. Ugh. The Bible says that it's impossible to tame the tongue, but oh how I wish I could!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I will totally admit to liking Soft Rock. And almost any other kind of music. (No rap & no techno though.) I will listen to everything from Jim Brickman to Staind. Casting Crowns to Phil Collins. 3 Doors Down to Yanni. Five For Fighting to Neil Diamond. Kenny Chesney to Broadway musical soundtracks. Yep, eclectic music tastes to say the very least.

Colleen said...

Dawn- I have a feeling that if we were to take a road trip we'd have the most "EPIC;)" music selection to chose from between the two of us :)

Dan Mega said...

I bet you'd both turn up the music to drown out my begging to be untied and let out of the trunk.

Colleen said...

Oh Dan-We wouldn't do that sort of thing to you! least, not for too long;-)