Monday, November 5, 2007

The Other Colleen-Girl

Righto. So we all know by now that My name is Gaelic for Girl. But I am not the only Girl who posts here into the Void. I met another Colleen-Girl. I think I met her from here and then I read her blog and just knew that she was a kindred.

Is it ironic that we have the same name, are close in age, have the same values and beliefs and live in about a twenty mile radius of each other? I don't know...but my curiosity finally got the better of me and we decided to meet.

I just got back from coffee with Colleen and I can tell you, this girl is great! She's warm, beautiful and sincere.... And I met her online!!! Funny. I missed her at first when I walked in, kinda. I saw her blond hair, but kept scanning the room. Then after I ordered my Americano I noticed the same blond pop her head over the counter and I saw just here eyes and recognized her immediately! Didn't I say in this post that I would need a second look? I think that if a person is a good writer than their personality can really come across in what they write. I think that Colleen's personality does, and it's lovely. I don't know if I believe that about myself though. You would have to be the judge of that if you met me.

All I can say is that it was definitely fun to meet someone from Blogger. I never imagined that I would. It's funny how much smaller the world seems when we reach out to each other. It's a good safe feeling, connecting to people. Getting beyond the surface is not always an easy thing to do, but so worth it when we take the time to get out of our comfort zones, explore the possibilities and act with purpose.


Dan Mega said...

How cool is that! Awesome! I think it would be neat to meet some fellow bloggers in real life.

colleen said...

Colleen, your genuineness, conviction, and sensitivity comes through in your writing. That is why I keep coming back to read more! Your depth, expressed in your writing, always captures my interest.

Um, yeah, and when my husband asked how it went I couldn't resist telling him that you are a complete knockout! Like double-take knockout. O.k., I'm done embarrasing you now ;)

Colleen said...

Dan- yeah I know! I have this little idea that someday we can all pick a place and meet each other, I mean Everyone and have a meal together. I think it would be a blast! But that's a pretty far out dream =)

Colleen said...

There are those sparkly eyes in my comment box! The ones that made me recognize you! That would be a first to meeting anyone! And hey thanks for the compliment(blush!)

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Awesome! I've had the same feeling about meeting some of the other bloggers out there. I thought, "What if I headed up a world-wide convention of sorts and all the bloggers in blogland could meet for real..." Hmmm... sounds like a lot of work.

For the most part, we know we have this is common, we like to write or we wouldn't be doing this, right? (got both my write and right, right? LOL!)

Anyhow, I too think your voice comes through loud and clear: Fun, dynamic, thoughtful, creative and I'm just getting to know you Colleen :)

Have a great day!

From sunny PA, USA,

Oh yeah, and I think it's great you two Collen's could meet! (I guess that was inferred in my "Awesome" but I thought I'd clarify.)

Colleen said...

Susan- you witty woman you ;) And perceptive too! I have family in Bucks County PA and Washington's Crossing. I have many fond childhood memories from there. Are you anywhere near there? I've got a wonderful memory of Peddler's Village that I'll post sometime. Do you know of that place?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Since I met my very best friends thanks to this funny word "blog," which I know I've mentioned before, I know what you mean about the pleasant surprise of getting to meet the person on the other side of the keyboard, the one you already sort of know, and discovering they really are *that* cool. I'm lucky in that I have one of the most popular vacation spots in my backyard & I've had the opportunity to meet up with several fellow bloggers. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to add to that list.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Wow Colleen, very cool. Yes, I live in Central Bucks County and love to visit Peddler's Village. Our family saw 4th of July fireworks there a few years ago and my six-year-old loves an indoor playplace there called Giggleberry where kids can romp and climb and shoot foam balls out of air cannons! Sounds like we have a few more things to talk about! And we've biked through Washington's Crossing!