Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A trumpet nose and a melting face

My roommate Anna is a nanny. As a former nanny myself, I just LOVE the way that kids see and perceive life. So, one day Anna was out with the little boy she was caring for at that time and she had to blow her nose and well,(she blows her nose very loudly) afterward he looked up at her and said "Wow Anna, you have a really great trumpet nose!"

A few weeks ago I was substitute teaching for pre-schoolers. It was a really hot day and I took the children out to the playground. The kids had a great time running around and getting all sweaty. One particular little boy had sweat running down his face. As we were on our way back one little boy looked at the sweaty boy and said "What's wrong with your face?" "I don't know, what's wrong with it?" "Well, I think you should know that your face is melting." He said. Then sweaty boy looked up at me and said. "Teacher, is my face melting?" "No, honey, it's not, you're just sweating." I said.

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