Friday, June 29, 2007

The long and short of it...

A few weeks ago I went to get a hair cut. I get it done at this fancy-shamancy place in town where everyone wears black. My stylist came to get me soon after I dressed in my green smock. Notice I said stylist and not hairdresser. You can't use that word there. Nor can you use the word colorist, it's technician. What a bunch of PC c-r-a-p.

Anyway. My stylist is pretty amazing. The first time I met him though I was a bit intimidated. First of all, he's quite tall and since I'm only 5'6, I thought to myself "I be like woah." But on top of that, he has this awesome mohawk, which makes him look even taller. And he has huge black rimmed glass and some tattoos. But really he makes me feel safe. And we all know ladies, that we need to feel safe with our stylists. (Ridiculous)

I'm sure some guys don't get the drama of women and their hair. I mean, you go to the Barber or shave your whole head at home these days which seems to be the new vogue. (Why in the world would a man with a full head of hair want to shave it all off is beyond me...but whatever.)

But with us women, it's like we want the experience. We want to feel pretty. We need to feel pretty. So I told Jake I was ready for something new. He thought that was a great idea. But he explained to me that what I wanted required taking a considerable amount off. "Yeah, yeah, okay, fine, just do it." I said.

My hair was very long. In order to take the length off, he had me stand up and face him. When I turned around I almost started to hyperventilate. I went from looking like a young twenty something to a thirty year old in a matter of seconds! " I look old!" I said. "Colleen, you are thirty." He said. "Now you look sophisticated." But I didn't care what he said. I wanted to cry. Poor Jake, he felt bad because I didn't like it, but he did what I asked.

So now, just give me some mom jeans and some white Keds because apparently "I look sophisticated." Stupid short hair. Humph.

p.s. Anna before you yell at me for exaggerating I better tell everyone that it's a medium bob.


cajohnson said...

Too funny! Maybe even a little bit scary that you and I were both writing about hair cuts.

cajohnson said...

Plus... Without any help from Anna (you let it slip) I found out just how young you are. Thanks ;)

Anna said...

Colleen and I differ greatly on our opinion of the does look sophisticated but in a young and trendy way...but when I told Colleen I thought she looked trendy she promptly told me she doesn't "DO" trendy. Whatever she looks great and I don't care what she thinks! By the way Jake is the best 'stylist' ever!

Colleen said...

I hate trendy.