Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Food Bomb

OK! Listen up! So yesterday I went to lunch with my friend, Jamie. We placed our order of breakfast for lunch and when I'm with Jamie, all we do is laugh at each other.
Topic of subject before food: Our Age....dare I say it? Dare I let you know? I can't. Sometimes a little mystery is good. We were discussing who looked older. (Jamie you do! heh heh heh!)

Then our waitress came back and dropped a bomb on us. A food bomb and let me just tell you, I thought my eyes would fall out of my head. If you've never heard of a food bomb, I'll explain. It's when you assume you are ordering an average size meal...but you get what belongs to Goliath. My mouth fell open and I couldn't help but loudly gasp at our giaganto proportions. When I say that her 2 pancakes were bigger than her head, I AM NOT LYING! That doesn't count the heaping plate of hashbrowns, toast, eggs and pig that was sitting on her other plate. Can we say DIS-GUSTING!

Mine was bad too, my omelet was almost a big as my forearm. Again, not exaggerating and as big as one of those mondo burritos I've seen on commercials.

So like I said, it was a food bomb and after that, that was all we could talk about! Honestly, I was a bit insulted by the place in general for thinking that I could actually commit gluttony in public. So what did we do? Laugh and take pictures of the food bomb.

We probably ate a third of what was given-if that.

Plus- not to beat a dead horse, but I could have feed four hungry children with my plate alone. Yes. I felt bad about that. But it wasn't my fault. So now I have about two pounds (maybe a bit more) of omelet and potato in my fridge. I wonder if re-heated omelets are good for dinner??


robert d said...

So where are the snaps of the food bombs? Very disappointed.

Eat less if you want to live longer,


Colleen said...

robert d
sorry to dissapoint. I tried to upload the pics, but it didn't work. And FYI I do eat less :)

colleen said...

That story is hilarious. Love your public gluttony comment. HUGE portions tend to be BLAND. "Less is more" - well, with one exception, Age :)

Amber Monette said...

well...Bombs do lead to explosions...know what I mean:)

Colleen said...

Colleen- you said it! Glad it made you laugh. (We went to brown bag!) Can I say that on here?
Amber- you crack me up. Seriously!