Thursday, September 11, 2008

Going Postal

Yes, that's right. Yesterday I almost went postal at the post office, UPS to be exact. Now, I know the age of chivalry is pretty much dead thanks to stupid women's liberators who act like two year olds in their "leave me alone I can do it myself attitude" and they had to wreck it for the rest of us ladies and don't get me started on all the dates I've had to pay for myself on because of it...

Anyway back to yesterday. I had a very large, very heavy cardboard box that I had to ship for my boss. As I pulled up there was a man who was sitting right next to the store. I got out of my car and managed to squeeze the box out as well but in a very awkward way. This guy watched me as if I was entertainment without even thinking to help. I wobbled like a pregnant woman over to the door and tried to pry it open, but it was extremely heavy and after two tries I stuck my head in the door looking for help. There were two men inside who were having a conversation and obviously ignoring me. I wanted to ask for help but I felt stupid because they were trying not to pay attention. So opened the door and heaved the box up onto my hip and wobbled in.

I dropped the box down with a thud and went back for the second load. This time I was so busy trying to get the door open that I didn't look at my feet and I swung the heavy door open right on top of my foot. (In my flip flop.)

I though I was going to lose it. I'm not one for swearing (even in my head) but it hurt so badly I thought I would scream and cry something I would regret. However, I was also so mad at all three of these bozo’s for witnessing a tiny damsel in distress and leaving her to figure it out that I bit my tongue and kept my trap shut.

I took care of business but I felt like a female version of a Very Cross Wookie with angry eyebrows in as much a fury as Chewbacca with a cross bow.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Ouch. Poor Colleen foot. I hope it's ok.

I absolutely *despise* the death of chivalry. I appreciate it so much in my few male friends that still practice it. And when a rare stranger holds a door for me, I *always* make a point to say thank you.

Colleen said...

Dawn- I've got a nice blue bruise on top of my foot now :(

Hilary said...

Men are strange creatures. You can quote me. ;)

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