Friday, July 4, 2008

This Is Not A Pity Party

Sometimes, I think I go for days without being touched by anyone.

Sometimes, when I get under my big blue and white fluffy down comforter at night, I think it must be nice to be married and have someone to hold me while I fall asleep.

Yes, that must be nice.

So I make myself think about people in hospital beds in third world countries, who have no one to comfort them. I think about small orphans who have no one to hold them aside from a diaper change. I think about old people in homes, who have been forgotten about and have no one to give a rip about them because they are old and don't look pretty or smell nice anymore.

Am I really this selfish? If I want someone to hold me, I should go and hold them.

Jesus was a very compassionate man. But I felt like the Lord showed me that you can have all the compassion in the world for people and it means nothing if you don't do anything with it. Imagine if Jesus, being full of compassion didn't touch people or hug them, or kiss them. Imagine if he didn't heal their sick or visit them in their homes. What sort of a loving God would that be? He wouldn't be loving at all.

I don't think Jesus, being single sat around waiting for people to hug him or love him. He simply went after them. However, even in His pursuit of them, it wasn't out of selfish means to receive affection. It was done out of His obedience to the Father and I know He was blessed because of it.

So what if I don't get a whole lot of affection? I won't die without it...
but somebody else might.


Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Boy! Do I know what you mean! Your post reminded me of when a guy on the street, who said that he has AIDS, asked me to give him a hug. He didn't want me to buy him something to eat. He didn't want me to give him money. He just wanted to give him a hug.

Dan Mega said...

I know how you feel sometimes, except the whole 'husband' part ;)

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

If I could, I'd reach out and hug you right now dear friend.

But like you said, that compassion is something God wants us to act on. I love how interactive Jesus was with people while he was here on earth, holding the children and touching people with miracles of healing. But the most compassionate act he did was give his life so we might live. I can't wait to hug him in eternity.

Take care my friend.


Carol said...

Though I absolutely know what you mean by your writing, and I totaly agree with the need to reach out to people, I have to tell you that I do touch others. Sometimes I brush an arm sometimes I am more cautious (there are those who don't like to be touched), but I ALWAYS touch with my voice. I know that's not exactly what you mean, but it can help sometimes. I DO know that you do that, Colleen. You are tender and caring and it comes across.

As far as needing to be touched, believe it or not, pets help!! i am alone a lot of the time, as you know, and the dogs are wonderful for me. They always touch and nuzzle and it feels great!! Need I even mention the rabbit!!!!! If you can't have your own pet, make calls on other people's. Nature truely is a healer.

Sorry my thoughts are a bit scattered, but it's the way I am today.

Carol said...

Ha Ha....I made a spelling mistake!! I'm just as bad, and like Dawn I only see things AFTER I press enter!!!!

Brandon Scullion said...

Adventurer, Did you give him a hug? I find this story incredibly interesting. I love meeting people on the street and love conversing with those less fortunate or with bigger problems than I could ever imagine handling.
Colleen, I'm intrigued by this post.
I hope you're not too concerned about being single. I would like to think that at this point, there may be a reason you did not settle down