Saturday, June 14, 2008

You Know You're In Seattle When....

Since Dawn posted this, I decided to follow suit with my own version....

1. It is 50 degrees for virtually the entire month of June. (This is not an exaggeration.)

2. You still wear a down vest or jacket in the month of June but you wear it with flip flops because after all, it IS June.

3. You don't pull out your summer clothes until August.

4. There are more Starbucks per square mile than there are bathrooms.

5. You are spoiled rotten because there are so many Starbucks and complain when you go home to NJ that the closest one is five miles away. "What do you mean I can't walk to Starbucks?!"

6. Once you've lived here long enough you also realize that Starbucks is over rated and that the real coffee drinkers prefer the obscure companies. Like Stumptown Coffee, Cafe Vita Coffee, or Vivace Coffee.

7. All your friends work for Microsoft and make lots more money than you.

8. If you don't like to hike, rock climb, kayak, bike, snowshoe, ski, camp, or do triathlons then you need to move to Texas.

9. Walking around with your Nalgene bottle is a cool clothing accessory, so is a Starbucks cup for that matter.

10. If you don't recycle, DON'T TELL ANYONE!

11. You own four rain jackets and every woman owns a pair of big rubber boots.

12. People don't get skin cancer from the sun...they get it from a life time of going to the tanning beds here...because everybody goes tanning. (Well, not everyone, not me.)

13. We all know the Weather Man is just a big fat liar. I don't even know why we hire them here. We all know the forecast is RAIN.

14. If your place of destination is 10 miles away...allow forty minutes for traffic.

15. When the sun actually comes out and everyone goes running from the building to see it.

16. We prefer our Micro Brews from the Northwest over anything else the rest of the Union has to offer us. Unless of course it's imported from Belgium.

17. You know the difference between your Sockeye, Coho, Hunchback, Chum and King Salmon. (And that's just the Pacific kind.) Because yes, it IS that popular here.

18. More people have dogs than children. And there are plenty of Doggie Day Cares or Doggie Lounges to prove it.

19. You can see the Puget Sound, the Olymic Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Lake Washington AND Mount Rainer all on a clear day.

20. You come to visit me!


Dan Mega said...

12- Ditto

14- Ditto

20- I'm visiting your blog now, does that count?

~**Dawn**~ said...

I have to tell you... some of those items on that list make #20 tough. LOL! I don't own a single pair of rain boots. Or a rain coat. I do have an umbrella in my car. And a Disney poncho! And I am the whitest white girl in all of Florida. No tanning for me. I just burn & turn back to pale. So I load up on SPF & figure that when all the tan people have skin cancer & leathery wrinkles, they will wish they had just been a white girl too. =P

Colleen said...

Dan- That's a nice try, but no it doesn't count ;)

Dawn-After reading your comment, I had to laugh too! I cannot believe you don't own a raincoat! I have about 4 unbrellas to. Three of wich are in my car! And yes I acutally got made fun of for that.

colleen said...

Hi Colleen! Can I add to item 18.?

You know when you are in Seattle when your 4 week old daughter is upstaged by a Maltese puppy.

Colleen said...

COLLEEN!!! You're back! The girl with the best name in the world ;) Love the comment.