Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Nights

It's so hot tonight that I had to take a cool shower before bed. Now sitting in the living room in sleeper shorts and tank top because my room is too hot. I think I might sleep out here tonight. The ceiling fan is blowing and I can hear my roommate singing her heart out in her room as she plays the piano. I love to hear her sing and play while I'm busy writing away. It's how we live together in the evenings...doing what we each love best. Creative in our own separate ways, yet creative just the same. Maybe that's why we gel so well.

Oh Anna, what would I ever do without you?


Dan Mega said...

So sleep is one of your favorite things?

Colleen said...

Not so much sleep. But I do love me a good nap. But on second thought, I do very much like falling asleep.