Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Glowing Orb is Back

There seems to been and interesting phenomenon that takes place here in the Northwest. When the sun comes out, people freak out... Myself included.
It's as if we all think "Hey! The glowing orb is out and it's warm! Quick! Go do a million things before it disappears!" My friend Jeff put it well when he said he actually felt stressed out on beautiful days because if you're not outside doing something productive or healthy, then something must be wrong with you. Also everybody asks everybody else with great expectancy "Well, what did you do today?" So, if you weren't outside biking, running, hiking or climbing, well then you're a loser.



~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL meanwhile here in the SUNSHINE State, we glare at the sky & mutter "Can't you just go behind a cloud for like a half hour or something at least?"

Colleen said...

I'm moving to Florida.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Bring sunglasses & sunscreen. ;-)

Susan Kelly Skitt said...