Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WAX on WAX off

Yesterday little "Jack" came into my classroom and went to put his name tag in the basket, but brought it over to me instead. He held up his name tag to me and said. "Teacher, this is not my name."
"Yes it is." I said. "No it's not!" He said to me in a scolding tone. "My name is WAX!" He proceeded to tell me that WAX is what he wanted me to call him from now on and would I please write WAX on the back of his name tag. He was being so ridiculous that I thought he was joking. So I said to him, "Listen, Jack I know you are only joking when you talk to me like that, but that's not the way you talk to your teacher." Then I took the name tag, wrote WAX on the back of it, handed it to him and said, "Here you go WAX."
To which he replied with a straight serious face, "I wasn't joking."


I have another student, "Allie". She loves to tell me about her life outside of school. These were just part of our conversations. (Which by the way always consist of who do we think is better Princess Aurora or Cinderella):

Allie: "Teacher Colleen, did you know that my sister has learned to go to the bathroom on the toilet now?"
Me: "Oh?"
Allie: "Yes, and whenever she goes, My Mom gives her a jellybean!"
Allie: "Teacher Colleen! Guess what?
Me: "What Allie?"
Allie: "My Mommy and Daddy are going away and Grandma is coming to stay with us!"
Me: "Really? How exciting! How long is she going to stay with you?"
Allie: "She is coming for Three Sleeps!"


~**Dawn**~ said...

LOL!! I love when they say stuff with a dead serious expression & tone.

So. Which is better? Cinderella or Aurora?

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Wax, huh? My youngest went through a stage where he wanted to be called "Jake". Wax is definately original... Speaking of origianl, we used to have turtles that he named "Jake and Dink". I'm sure glad he didn't pick the name "Dink" for himself. When I asked him why he picked those names he said, "I just thought them up in my head..."

And your little princess girl sounds very cute :)

Colleen said...

Dawn- I like the fact that you can always appreciate my posts about my pre-schoolers =) Hmmmm...I like the story of Cinderella better that Princess Aurora, But! I would really love to have Aurora's hair!

Susan- And I always appreciate that you too like my posts about the wee ones that I have. This is interesting...When I was a nanny the little girl I cared for named her gray blankie "Dink" too. She loved Dink. Then she started using the word in sentences..."Oh that is so Dink." She would say for things that were cool or bad. Don't you just love to laugh with them? Ahhhhhhhh....

Dan Mega said...

I used to say my R's as W's when I was younger. People joked and laughed and I died a little bit inside.

Colleen said...

Dan- I have a student who's R's sound like W's too. And the poor dear has a lisp so his S's sound like Th's. And both of those letters are in his name! glad your back =)