Sunday, February 10, 2008

We Run 4 Fun

I'm feeling pretty tuckered at the moment. The weather has been so lousy here that my level of endurance is not what it has been for running. Meaning, I haven't been =( Still the race today was so much fun. It was quite the event for a small 5k. Two thousand people showed up! It was a Valentine's Day run called Love 'em or Leave 'em. Pre-race we joined the sea of runners which included their dogs and kids in strollers. Everyone was so friendly and it was so easygoing.

Here's a list of the music I ran to on my iPod:

Weapon of Choice--Fatboy Slim
Juicy------------ Better Than Ezra
Canned Heat-------Jamiroquai
Everything--------Michael Buble
Eye of the Tiger--Survivor
Move Along--------The All American Rejects
Amazing-----------Josh Kelley
Is it Any Wonder--Keane
Better Days------ Goo Goo Dolls
Fidelity--------- Regina Spector

Here we are post race...

Can I just say that by the time Eye of the Tiger started I felt like throwing air punches like Rocky? Don't worry I contolled myself.

Interesting Observation: Less than half a mile to the finish I saw some friends of mine who had already finished. They started screaming like crazy for me. I felt such a surge of energy just because of their encouragement to me. I was surprised at how helpful that was...kind of reminded me of how the Bible talks about the great cloud of witnesses who are cheering for us on earth. Wow.

Afterward it was free from Starbucks, fresh fruit, candy, water, lots of fun party favor stuff. Awesome. Next month we are planning to do the St. Pat's Day Dash and beat our lousy times. Seems people will take any opportunity they can to set up a race!

I just finished making play dough tonight for the kids tomorrow. I'm hungry I'm off to make dinner. Ciao! (Ha!)

(p.s. spell check still doesn't work... so sorry for any mistakes. Grrrrrrrrrr)


xeonX said...

Heyy sounds like you had a great time! Pretty neat playlist too..You like Jamiroquai? They're real groovy..I like them. I wish I could go out running too. It's really cold out here in syracuse..and I'm still trying to get used to this weather. Maybe spring time.

btw, you were going to throw air punches like! that was funny..anyhoo take care & hope you have a great week ahead!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ha. If that were me after running a 5k, you would see me laying on the ground. I really hate running.

Adventurer w/o Borders said...

freakin' eclectic playlist (my favorite kind)

Running outdoors in the middle of winter? I'll stick to my erg rowing machine in my basement. I'll venture out to run in 6 weeks. (Puxatony Phil saw his shaddow.)

Holly said...

I like your playlist- I have a couple of the same songs on my own iPod. Sounds & looks like fun! I often wish I had someone to do a 5k with!

Colleen said...

Xeonx- Yes. I've been a fan of Jamiroquai's sound since High School.(But I'm selective when it come to particular songs) Syracuse, eh? that's far up there. I went to school along the Hudson River. It's some beautiful scenery in upstate NY. =)

Colleen said...

Dawn! I would have pick up off the floor and carried you to the finish line =)

Colleen said...

Pin- Music real helps me keep going at times when I run. But I also really enjoy listening to nothing and being more intune with my surroundings and often praying.

Colleen said...

Holly- why am I not surprised we have the same taste in music? Been wanting to join a running club since the fall. I want more people to run with too. It helps me do it if I know I have people counting on me to show up. Accountability!

Dan Mega said...

Spell check smell check, we can understand it! =)

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

From races to playdough, quite a day!

Oh about the Rocky thing, a few years ago my family and I biked to the Philadelphia Art Museum and I just had to hop off and race up the steps and do the Rocky cheer. I did not contain myself that time. (Oh, my teenage son is looking over my shoulder like I always do to him and he set me straight. It's the Rocky arm pump, not the Rocky cheer. lol)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ok, now you're just showing off Colleen. ;-)

Jeff said...

Good job studette! I like the playlist too. I'll totally admit I like the Michael Buble song but don't tell anyone. :)