Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Winter Coat

Can you figure out what's going on in this picture?

Well, I'll TELL you what's going on! This is Fats. She actually has a real name, but I never call her by her real name because she's FAT. She's eight pounds now, and larger than some cats. Oh, and she is wearing a collar and coat....and yes she IS a rabbit. This picture is not a joke. It was taken a couple years ago of her. My mother actually made her a coat, because you know, being a rabbit and all, she must not be warm enough in the cold. (Cough, cough, choke) Will someone please remind my mother that we happen to MAKE coats out of rabbits because their fur is so warm!

And what's up with the collar? Is she confused with the dogs? Maybe.

This is part of a real phone conversation I had with the dear woman this morning.

Mom: "I need your advice."
Me (as Kathleen Turner): "Sure what's up?"
Mom: "Well, It's 37 degrees out and the rabbit wants to run around."
Me: (I didn't know my mother can read rabbit's minds, but whatever.)"Yeah, and?"
Mom: "Well I was wondering if I should put the rabbit's coat on her."
Me: (long pause) "Wait, are you serious?"
Mom: "Yeah well, it's freezing outside!"
Me: (Laughing) "Mom, people make coats out of rabbits becasue their fur is so warm. I can't believe we're having this conversation! No I don't think you need to put the coat on the rabbit."
Mom: (laughing too) "Okay, maybe that does sound silly, but I just thought I'd ask to make sure."
Me: (shakes head, smiles) "Okay, Mom. Let's not have this conversation again, yeah?"

Please God. Please let me grow up and not be like my mother. Oh shoot, in some wonderful respects, I think I already am. But when it comes to stuff like this, I know who's the practical one...!


bonnie said...

So, you are teasing me about my little bunny rabbit?! I absolutely adore her and Yes, I worry about her. Don't forget, she ia 5years old and has, until now, always lived inside.

Colleen, do you remember the story of Little Bear? Remember how he asks his mama for a fur coat etc.? that reminds of this. Anyway, she, Honey Bunny, always loved her purple polka dot coat! I know. I asked her!!

P.S. So you were right. She was as happy as.....well, a bunny today. She ran around the yard in the sunshine and plowed her little nose all through the large yellow maple leaves that were raining down on her. I wish you could have seen her. It would have put a smile on your face. When it came time to put her away for the night, she made me chase her. Didn't I feel silly!! I gave her nose a kiss from you! ha ha!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

LOL! Oh my, when you first asked what's going on in this picture, I thought the Easter Bunny had come to town and I got my seasons all mixed up. I've been getting a lot of things mixed up lately, like the Blue Man concert that I wrote on my planner as being on a Thursday instead of Friday...

Anyhow, hmm, rabbit, coats, interesting. My teenage son hates coats, what do you think that means?

Dan Mega said...

This post and comment section is truly epic.