Monday, November 12, 2007

The Little Girls List

I love to make lists. I probably make lists at least 3 or 4 times a week. It keeps me organized and I have a love of organization.

Even as a little girl I was making lists. Lists about where I was hiding all the candy in my room. Lists about the man I wanted to marry. School Lists and The Sears and Robuck Catalog Christmas List to name a few.

I came across this blog and remembered that I wrote a wish list when I was a child of all the things I could possibly want. I saved it. I must have written it in the mid-80's judging by the wording. I couldn't have been more than 10 years old. It is written in blue pen and written in fat cursive writing, which was popular with all my friends at the time.

It's pretty amusing. It goes like this...

I have a huge room. In it is a...
stereo, boom box, tape player, recording player, CD player, phone line, answering machine, one huge bay window, two regular windows, air conditioning, full bathroom, Jacuzzi, hot lamp, two dressers, desk, vanity, half a wall mirror, revolving closet, 21 shoes, 15 pants, 21 shirts, 25 sweaters, 17 hats, 8 coats, 10 gloves, 18 dresses, 5 jewelry boxes, King size brass bed, four mattresses, bed stool, king size rocking chair, 5 bathrooms, 10 slippers, 32 watches, diamond studded wallpaper, 58 porcelain dolls, terrace, craftmatic lawn chair, automatic nutritional breakfast that comes out of the wall to by bed. (I watched a lot of The Jetson's cartoon.)
A big screen TV, movies, tapes, VCR, Nintendo 23, Saga Genesis, 52 great smelling perfumes, silk sheets, gold door knobs, professional hair stylist that does not get paid, private maid and a limo to take me to school everyday.

I love this list. This little insight Inside My Head as a little Girl. I don't make lists like this anymore. (Thankfully!) Now my lists are practical. Lots of Grocery lists and To-do lists. So, here's my To-do list for today:

Write (check!)
Go running
make pumpkin bread
take care of work stuff
fresh sheets on bed
make phone calls....
Be productive and proactive on day off!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am so a list girl too!! I have been since I was very small. I made all kinds of lists. Mostly of things that made sense in my play-pretend child world. But I still love a good list. In fact, if you were to flip through my planner, you would find lists upon lists. Far more useful now than when I was a child, but some of them still dream... =)

Colleen said...

Dawn- from what I've gotten to know of you, I'm not surprised that you are a list maker too! =)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Great minds and all that. ;-)

Brian in Oxford said...

What would you say your best lists of all time are?

(Can you guess where I'm going with this?)


Dan Mega said...

My list only contains one thing every day:

Continue being excellent.

Well, except that one time I had to go find that troll of yours under the bridge, he owed me $5.

AnnaMarlene said...

The problem is, I have the list...and it taunts me as I dash around trying to maintain the moment. It says "Your not finished with me yet, oh Look I'm gettin longer muahaha!"

Anonymous said...