Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The TV Lump

Honestly...I could have drawn this better I suppose if I actually had some lessons. My couch is humiliating, But a lump is a lump, right?

This used to be little Frances McClump.
But now he’s just the TV Lump.
He never went outside to play.
He only watched TV all day!
When His friends would call him
To come on ova’,
Frances wouldn’t get off the sofa.
It was very depressing and sad to see.
Frances wouldn’t even get up to pee.
“Get off the couch.” said Mrs. McClump,
“Or you’ll turn into a TV Lump.”
“But I’m too tired!” Frances would say.
“I can’t get off the sofa today.”
And slowly but surely
To his mother’s dismay,
This is what Frances looks like today.


colleen said...

Love the message here! When reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears yesterday (that's my reading level in German) I realized Children's Stories are not to be underestimated! Powerful messages can be shared, as you did, with just simple words.

Tanya said...

i love this! :D good one colleen!

Dan Mega said...

Very nice! Especially the "blah blah blah" coming out of the tv- excellent.

AnnaMarlene said...
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Colleen said...

Hey All- I am so tired that I posted all commemts under my roommates name and didn't even notice. Grrrr....

Colleen-Goldilocks in German eh? That's awesome. This poem was actually inspired by a little boy in my class who talked about being a TV Lump.

Tanya- Hey Girl. Thanks! I always appreciate the encouragment. It goes a long way.

Dan Dan Mega Man-Glad it amused you. Expect to see it again someday

xeonX said...

Really nice..We ventured out and played so much more than kids these days..Atleast here in India.Guess you could blame it on playstation and xbox..Nice post..liked the blah blah bit comin out of the TV :)

Brian in Oxford said...

Sorta like the anti-marijuana ads where the people look like they're melting in Dali paintings! (Family Guy mocked this.)

Colleen said...

Xeonx-Hey thanks for stopping by again. It always an encouragement to know that my little characters-pathetic looking as they are- are still amusing!

Brian! Interesting idea...sure it works for me!