Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chocolate for Lunch

I was hungry. I needed to make lunch, but I hadn't gone shopping, so there was nothing decent to eat. Then I remembered I had my chocolate Easter bunny in the fridge. So, I thought I would have some. First I decided to eat the ears. I was dinking around my computer so I was a bit distracted. But when that was done, I thought, "Oh that was really good. Maybe I'll just eat the head." Then more tinkering on the computer ensued with the decapitated bunny in front of me. "Oh what the heck, I'll just eat the body and leave the base." I thought. But after that I realized that since just the base was left, I might as well just eat that too. So, I ate it. All of it, in one sitting...chocolate for lunch.


Adventurer w/o Borders said...

Hey, Colleen,

That's funny because, today, I had a small carton of Rum Raisin ice cream for lunch. Exactly the same way you had your chocolate bunny. I just had a craving for something sweet before lunch. I thought that I'd just have a couple of spoons of ice cream while I work on my computer. And the next thing I knew, the entire carton was gone.


p.s., Hmmm... I don't remember taking all those bites of ice cream. Did I really eat the whole carton? Or did a magical chocolate bunny come and
eat it all while I wasn't paying attention? Hey! You can't prove that a magical chocolate bunny didn't do it.

Colleen said...


citylivingcountrygirl said...

Hi Colleen!
Thought I would offer my two cents and say there is absolutely no shame in chocolate for lunch, especially since chocolate is made from cacoa beans (which means you just ate vegetables) and milk. Now doesn't that sound like a balanced meal? I vote we all have chocolate for lunch today.
I loved your post about "16 and never kissed", I remember those awkward days!
Thanks for the book idea on my blog, you've got those creative wheels churning away...

Brian in Oxford said...

That reminds me, I've got a chocolate bar in MY freezer that needs attacking!

Colleen said...

You are quite funny the way you explain what chocloate really is! I like that;)BTW I love the photo of the doggie on your blog. I assume that's your pooch? Your mornings walking the dog and drinking coffee in DT NY sound delightful. I'll actually be there for a day or two next week. Maybe, we'll run into each other..LOL!!

Colleen said...

Go to it man, we're all having chocolate for lunch :0)


~**Dawn**~ said...

I just linked over here from Brian's blog (though I've seen you post on Dan Mega as well) while I was out procrastinating on the internet, instead of working.

My thoughts are: there are so many downsides to being a grown-up, that we need perks like chocolate or ice cream for lunch so we don't just run screaming from our lives. =P In fact, the day I've had, chocolate for dinner may be in order.

Colleen said...

Very well put. I've checked out your blog, and I do believe you are a kindred spirit:)


Dan Mega said...

I rarely have a sweet tooth. I'm a dedicated meat/vegetable eater.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Colleen,

Chocolate for lunch - yeah, nothing wrong with that. Not in my book, anyway!

And truth be told, the choc bunny ate the ice cream, not you!

Keep smiling


Lindsay B said...

Oh Colleen, you made me laugh out loud. Which isn't very hard for you to do. I'm usually self-controlled with chocolate...when it's not in my house anyway! Reading your blog makes me want to start my own. It's just, my motto the past few months has been "There's not enough time in the day or wind in the sails," so I'll just keep reading yours and laughing!