Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Because I'm Obsessed

I love Fats so much. I hold her and sing to her and kiss her. (Okay I makeout with her.) But you would too if you held her.

The funny thing was, I didn't want to love her at first. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's becasue my mother was so ooey-gooey with her that it annoyed me, so I decided that I wouldn't. But then I would hold her on her back like a baby and see how much she loved it and how trusting she was that I couldn't help myself!


Michelle said...

I think I wouldn't be able to help but rub my face in him!

BTW - I'm a copy cat, I started a blog... How do you get people to read it?

Colleen said...

Michelle- You started a blog? That's Awesome!! I sent out a quick email to some family and friends that I though might be interesed in reading about my life out here. HA! Most of the people that comment turned out to be people I've never met, but also have blogs. They are a very fun group of people. I started writing for me and then other people started commenting. I also started reading other people's blogs and commenting on their stuff, which caused them to then read my blogs and that's kinda how I got to know people on blogger. I love it. It's really fun. I'm off to read your blog:)