Thursday, July 12, 2007

The other side of me

The days go by bleeding into one another like a deluge of mud and silt.
It is washing away my youth.
The summer is sagging in it's heat.
My life is flashing before my eyes and I cannot hold on to it.
It seems there is nothing I can capture. I can't even show you my memories.
Help me.
Help me, because I think today, in this moment I feel lost.
These feelings, they come and go and ebb and flow.
And the Psalmist speaks to me "Why are you so downcast oh my soul?"
"Put your trust in God!"
I have no compass.
So I am blind.
Then light the way is what I pray, so that I may see..Your Face.

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Adventurer w/o Borders said...

She makes us laugh because her words do not conceal.
She makes us cry because her words do not conceal.
Her words release her fears and her hopes
To touch parts of hearts that we would not reveal.
She is a poet.