Monday, June 18, 2007

Trading Baseball Cards

My brother used to trade his baseball cards while sitting on the toilet. (Sorry for telling the world this Ryan, but this is a great story and you know it.)
As I was saying...
My brother's daily routine as a little boy was to come home from school and relax on the toilet with his baseball cards on his lap. It doesn't stop there though. Our neighbor Robbie was Ryan's best friend. And what a friend he was.
A typical afternoon went like this...
We all come home from school. Ryan heads straight to the bathroom with his big baseball card notebook. Then Robbie knocks at the side door asking to play. Ryan has already given either me or Lauren instructions to send Robbie up. So Robbie heads upstairs with his baseball cards and the two of them spend ages (or so it seemed) trading in the bathroom.
Robbie would sit perched at the end of the tub and the boys would discuss business while Ryan was taking care of business. They also kept the door open to allow for fresh air. I would sometimes walk past them, stop in the doorway and casually say Hi and so would they.
Oh the joys of childhood memories...oh the joys!


Amber Monette said...

Great Story..Now I don't feel so silly talking on the phone and taking care of business...:) Good story yet again Maloney!

I enojoy how real your stuff is!

Dan Mega said...

Came across your blog randomly but I love it so far from what I've read. The poetry is most excellent.

I vow to return.