Friday, June 8, 2007

Annie Hall

I know this guy, his name is Nathanael. Last year he told me that I reminded him of Annie Hall. I'd always been curious about that movie, but then once he said that I really wanted to see it. I wanted to know if I was like her character.
Hmmm...Well, I'm sitting here watching this movie. If I'm sitting here watching the movie and typing on the computer at the same time, is it obvious that I don't think it's any good?
Maybe I am a little like Annie Hall, I think she's funny and a little nutty. But she's also an idiot! She's a fluffy ditz with no depth. Humph, thanks a lot Nathanael!
(10 minutes later...)
Alright, I've turned it off and now I'm listening to Kings of Convenience. I have no idea what they are singing about, but it's better than Annie Hall.
Okay, so this post isn't all that exciting, but it's just a personal insight into the great big Blog Void that I have now become a part of.

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